Dangers of Orange for Diabetes Patients

Diabetes mellitus or can be called blood sugar disease caused by a disorder of insulin secretion or insulin working disturbances produced by the pancreas, so the level of blood sugar levels to increase and eventually become a blood sugar disease or better known as diabetes. Not only middle-aged age who suffer from the disease but also from young people also come to experience it started from an unhealthy diet until the lack of physical activity. You can use Obat Herbal, visit our website to know the benefit of it.

One of the fruits that are often consumed orange fruit, whether consumed for every day or consumed and used to make drinks and so forth. But it is very important to note for people with diabetes is the content that is on the orange. The content that is in the orange is dangerous for diabetics? The content present in citrus is dangerous for diabetics As for ingredients in oranges are:

– Natural sugar levels are indeed harmful to diabetes,
– Carbohydrate levels are quite a lot, about 19 grammes,
– Calorie content is also pretty much about 80 calories,
– Glucose content, and
– Fructose content.