Easy Steps to Make a Website

The website becomes one of the media to introduce the profile, product and more widely and thoroughly to the world using the Internet network. Cool websites will be visited and have a high rating. How to make a website is not easy and quite complicated, especially to customise some parts of the website according to the needs. To make it easier to create a website in terms of design is now assisted by using software such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage and KompoZer which is a free application. The software is a web authoring software tools that can be used to create the website design. But if you want great graphic design portfolio and a beautiful website design over other devices needed to perform image manipulation.

Image manipulation means to transform the image to be used on the website by cutting the size, change the colour, or combine multiple images in order to be more comfortable and beautiful to behold. Everything can be done using Adobe Photoshop or by using Macromedia Dreamweaver or GIMP. The most convenient and produce the most stylish image manipulation is using GIMP.

– Make a web template design using GIMP
– Cut image according to area eg header, menu, body, and more
– Arrange the pieces of the image by using KompoZer
– If the website is a website that is dynamic it can directly insert PHP code into websites result of editing KompoZer.

If you’ve finished editing the next step is to create a website using their own websites online. Here is How to Create a Unique Website:

– Minimalist Design
Start with your website design. Ensure the design represents the content that you offer. Quite simple design, with soft colours, but full information And consistent. Meaning. You provide information that is always updated and consistent on a typical subject matter of your website. Never enter the service of music and colourful images.

– Select Different typography
Normally a website will use the writing standard font, such as Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial. Well, here you can play your creation by choosing a unique writing but still easy to read.

– Select Application that Supports Animation
Many applications support the display of animations for your website. Just choose whether to the application of CSS3, HTML5 or Javascript.

– Image Quality
Using quality pictures and video on your website pages is good, ranging from the quality of colour, brightness, contrast, and sound for videos to be an unsightly visitor and does not make the pain in the eyes.

– Can be opened Anywhere
Some people like to browse the Internet via a PC or laptop, but some prefer open through their smartphones. Well, you have to design your website that can be applied to PCs and mobile phones.