Our society still considers mental disorder or mental illness as a disease that can not be cured, creepy, curse, embarrassing, and other negative terms. Stigma and discrimination remain high place. Designation for sufferers often pronounced with the vocabulary of a “madman”. In fact, people with mental disorders also require the support of family, social, and public who strongly influence their healing – like drugs. Mental disorders can happen to anyone regardless of race, ethnicity and customs, age, religion, status, profession, culture, occupation, education, environment, nature, and more. Depression also is one of the mental illness/mentals. Are not many of us get depressed? But we need not worry, first identify what exactly is a mental disorder (mental illness) it. To make sure someone has a mental disorder or unwittingly, consultation and check the condition of the doctor to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist will conduct interviews, use the tools (tool) as testing, blood tests, brain scans, and so forth. When it is certain to have symptoms of a mental disorder, then you can proceed to the treatment of dual diagnosis rehab.

Based Medilexicon’s medical dictionary, Mental Health is “emotional, behavioral, and social maturity or normality, the absence of mental disorders or behavioral, psychological state of wellbeing in which one has achieved the integration of satisfactory boost one’s instincts accepted self and social environment of a person; the appropriate balance of love, work, and leisure activities. “medical-diagnosis disease that results in a significant reduction of cognitive abilities, affective or relational individuals. Mental disorders appear from biological, developmental and/or psychosocial and can be affected practising methods comparable to those affected by physical disease (ie, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation). “Mental illness refers to a variety of mental state of health – a disorder that affects mood (mood), thinking and behaviour. Not a few people have an awareness of mental health, but not many people know mental health problems could be a mental illness (mental illness) when the signs and symptoms of ongoing often cause stress and affect the function capability (ability). Depression, anxiety disorders/anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar, eating disorders, ADHD, kleptomania and addictive behaviour, are examples of mental illness.