The factors that cause catastrophic fires

Catastrophic fires that are often hit several places, especially in cities with a high density of homes that simply trigger me to make this article, with the aim of enabling the public to prevent fires from occurring. One of the best ways to protect your home from catastrophic fire is the use of whole house surge protectors. For more details about the things that cause a fire in the home, please read the explanation below:

Almost every case of fire incidents that triggersthe fire was a short circuit or electrical surge, some electrical equipment that is prone to short circuit:

1. Electric cables
Using of cable that is not in accordance with the designation led to the burning layer of shielding cables, for example for the installation of the main line of electrical installations in the home using cable sizes small so that when power consumption exceeds the ability of cable then the cable into a hot burn the protective coating or wrapping cable so bring hotspots to fire areas nearby such as wooden rooftop or another objects which are flammable, in addition to the installation of the main cable, it turns out the use wrong cable ensued on the cable ‘roll’ or terminal outlet. Many cable roll which are there on the market that are used for large electrical loads when the cable is limited ability for electrical loads conversation light. Such as a cable roll wearing only tiny wires used to power multiple electronic devices or large watts.

2. Plug and outlet,
using both power tools cannot be separated because almost all the electronic devices in the home using both of them to stay connected with electricity when operated, but we often see its use is not in accordance with safety procedures, we can take an example: plug mounted on parallel outlet / cable roll, roll a single cable which only has four plugs forced to accept a number of plug more by adding outlet combinations able to increase the capacity of the jack that existed previously. Besides other cause is the emergence of a spark plug at the socket attached, is due to loosening of a spark plug existing clamp on the outlet hole so that the flow of electricity to be less than the maximum connected.