https://www.anandsystems.com/ system is designed to facilitate all relevant departments ranging from Front Office, Purchasing, R & B Division, Restaurant, Personnel Department, General Affairs, Finance & Accounting and able to cut the time work (in a report) to 70% so that the staff can take advantage of the spare time for other things that are more productive than wasting a lot of time just to make a few statements. To facilitate the hotel manager or owner in overseeing the daily hotel operations and evaluate the progress of the reception/hotel in order to take the right decisions and quick to continuously improve hotel revenue. To be able to serve guests, visitors and users of other hotel services in a professional, rapid and satisfactory giving rise to a good image of the hotel and they will come back again or tell others about the receipt of service satisfaction.

Existing reports can be converted to image format, PDF, Excel, RTF / Word, HTML, MHTML and have the tools can be directly in the email. The operation of this program is very simple and easy, does not require special skills. All hotel employees can certainly use it well. We provide training programs for 1 day. Each user has the right/access code that varies according to the authority. This program can be used on computers that already exist in the hotel, so it does not require the procurement of new computers.