Two Major Sections in IELTS Life Skills Test

In the IELTS Life Skills test like the B1 test that can be booked through, for example, there are two major different parts that each of the takers of the test has to be able to pass. The two major sections are as follows:

• In the first section, you are demanded to answer as well as ask questions about general topics.

• In the second section, you will be given a merging test of speaking and listening.

• At both the level A and B, you will hear a test from the CD player. This test will test your ability to listen, both to understand the general and detailed information.

• You will give your answer verbally, but you can make notes whilst you listen to the CD.

• Then, there will be discussions on topics associated with the ones you have heard from the CD player.

• For the B1 level will be given an additional task in which you will plan activities with other candidates.