As a result, the skin turns dry seriously and wrinkles start to develop

If you do not want to experience premature aging, you need to know what is the cause. In general, premature aging is caused by two factors of internal factors such as heredity, psychological, health, and durability. For these internal factors certainly, can not be avoided because it is a natural process in humans. It can also be triggered by hormonal changes and stress levels experienced by a person. As for the factors that are caused by external factors, among others, Sunlight is an external factor which is quite a significant influence on a person suffering from premature aging. The most dangerous time to be avoided is when the ultra violet rays are at its culmination point which is between the hours of 10:00 to 15:00. Get used to wearing a under eye bag serum during sleep so that the content of the serum is absorbed into the skin and prevents premature aging.

Free radicals are the effects of environmental pollution, the use of water mixed with chemicals, extreme weather and other factors that could cause the disruption of collagen growth. It turned out that premature aging is caused also by the air humidity is not stable. How to protect the skin moisture, especially for people living in tropical areas that are known for having an unstable air humidity is by using a moisturizer that can maintain moisture in the skin.