3 simple ways of internet marketing

Nowadays, we all have been familiar with the internet technology. We use the social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Interestingly, we are using the internet to shop something we need by open the online shop website. The use of the internet in this recent time is really undeniable along with the phenomena of the internet which is used as a new lifestyle for the modern society. Even, it is very easy to find someone use the internet in the public services.

The increasing popularity of the internet in this modern society especially for the online shopping has created many strategy of online business. One of the popular strategy is the internet marketing strategy. Of course, internet marketing has become one of the popular strategies due to its function that is related to promote a business on the internet. If you want to learn about the internet marketing, you can learn about the internet marketing through Online Marketing Training Course Videos.

In the business online, internet marketing has been a popular strategy that help the internet marketer to get the money easily. There are three simple ways that you can do to earn income from the internet marketing, they can be as the followings:

– PPS ( Pay Per Sale)

If you use pay per sale, you will get the commission if the product you promote is bought by the customers. The companies that offers pay per sale are commonly the online stores.

– PPL (Pay Per Lead)

If you use pay per lead, you will earn money if you can lead the internet visitors to visit the website of the vendor. For example, you lead the visitor to fulfill the newsletter form.

– PPC (Pay Per Click)

It is the most simple one that you will get money if the visitor click the link you provide and visit the website of your client.