Why Parents Divorce Influence On Children’s Condition

The decision of parents to divorce did not escape the impact of which will be received by the child. The divorce of parents one of whom could have an impact on quality of life of children. Although basically, the cause of the decline in the quality of life in children either individually or jointly is not certain. But this can happen because of the condition of the parents is a factor that affects the lives of children. You can visit vandtlaw.com/ if you are looking for divorce lawyers.

Why is that, because of the quality of life of children is not only measured in terms of physical or mental, but also in terms of economic welfare, food consumption, health, education, acquisition of information, awareness of parents, social interaction and deviant behaviour. With the condition of parents who did not complete and the child’s condition is likely to face a lot of problems so that the development of a child’s life can be disrupted. In addition, the interaction between children and parents is one of the interpersonal factors that can affect the quality of life of children. As for the marital status of parents, parental education and a parental divorce are the external factors that can affect the quality of life of children.