How the price of a condominium in iNz Residence?

If we talk about Singapore, we never missed about Merlion statue because it is one of the landmarks of Singapore. One more thing that most cling with Singapore is money. Yes, with the dollar amount is very high and even higher than the Australian dollar and the US dollar, the cost of living in Singapore is very high. It also affects the price of residence being marketed there. Many people can not have a place to stay that is livable and chose to stay in the shop where they trade. Condominium and apartment is a great choice for building vertical Singaporeans more desirable than traditional buildings. One resident that will be launched this year is iNz Residence. One of the residences is eagerly awaited by the citizens of Singapore or any other citizen. Most citizens of other countries to buy condos as iNz Residence for their investment because it is very useful for the future. Choa Chu Kang is a region that is not as extensive as the capital of Singapore but a lot of the gains if we buy a house there.

Although it belongs to the type of mid-market condominium condos, iNz Residence still has appeal. The easy access to Choa Chu Kang MRT Station Town Centre and became one of the important reasons why we should buy this condo. If we talk about price, iNz Residence is not more expensive than high-end residential. We can get access to the rooms in the iNz Residence by paying $ 600,000 SDG – $ 750,000 SGD. This price could go up if we buy in the second half. If we look at the shape of the building and its facilities, we would not be sorry to spend that much money for what we get in the future could be more. If you choose to buy a condo-type high-end, you probably will get luxurious facilities and complete, but you can not save because the money you spent on buying one room there.