Maximising the Use of Google Keyword Planner

Keyword research is the foundation of SEO. Keyword data enables us to figure out the desires of consumers and observe what they want. Google AdWords Keyword Planner give way for us. It’s free for anyone with a Google account and tied to the largest source of search data directly from Google. In addition to this, of course, there’s still no other tool for researching keywords, such as Wordtracker, WordStream, Searchmetrics, and many vendors who provide SEO management in one package and also reporting solutions, one of which is seo services singapore.

Before we optimise for a keyword, we need to know the keywords and phrases what we want to optimisation. What do we need to do to optimise the keywords in order to encourage organic traffic and sales to your site? It’s all about relevance. Using words that are used Searcher/search to find your product will improve the relevance of your web page, which will result in improved rankings of your website and encourage customers to come to your website.

– Make a list keywords Stem
The number one step for using keyword research is the brainstorming. You need to think about the brand, stuff or anything that you want to sell. What brands is offered? How you arrange the products into categories and subcategories? Filter what is applied to help customers choose the product of your catalogue? These things are keyword stem.

– Connecting/stringing Keyword Phrase
Keyword stem is half of the battle that you have to live, and we need to turn it into a keyword phrase that can be incorporated into Keyword Planner to become qualified keyword research. Enter keywords for all the stem into a single column in an Excel Spreadsheet. Use the tool ‘Remove Duplicates’ (Data Menu> Remove Duplicates) to ensure that each stem is registered only once, otherwise, you will spend time researching keywords more than once.

– Enter keywords to Keyword Planner
Right now you already have a spreadsheet full of about a hundred or even thousands keyword phrases. However, do not worry, you can paste up to 200 phrases at once into the Keyword Planner. Although initially seem daunting, when you’ve got the ‘rhythm’ with this tool, you may be able to fit about 10 thousand keywords within an hour.