Tips to Choose the Blender According to Your Needs

Blender is a kind of kitchen appliances that is handy to make vegetable or fruit juice or smoothes, softens baby food, and so on. Today, blenders are available in the market with varieties of brands, capacities, power, and special features. If you are confused to buy a blender suitable for you, the following tips can guide you to choose the blender according to your needs. For more information, you can also read reviews about a lot of blenders on the website of Blenderfriend.

1. Capacity Jug

Jug or a glass pour or blender tank is the place to accommodate the material to be blended. In general, the capacity of the jug is something to determine the price and the amount of electric power used. If you seldom use the blender to process large quantities of food, you do not have to have a blender with a capacity that is too big. You still can smooth the material lot with several times the process of using the smaller-capacity blender.

2. Electricity
The electric power is used shows the strength of torque and rotational speed blender blades. In general, the blender is only operated for half a minute to two minutes. You will not get any significant differences in processing time. You can consider saving electricity, especially if the power installed in the house is not big, it is enough to operate some power tools simultaneously.

3. Price

For the same brand, price depends on volume capacity blender, knife-round strength, and completeness of functionality and accessories. If you do not set a budget, you would be very tempted to buy an expensive and fancy blender with a variety of features you do not need.

4. Material

Cast glass or jug made of glass or plastic. Today jug plastic is preferred because it is lighter and unbreakable. Some products use stainless steel as a home blender. In terms of the appearance of this material makes the blender looks luxurious, but it is actually just the same function.

5. Design

Design houses blender and the blender jug should be fairly solid, thick and does not vibrate when the blender is operated. Design form jug should be easy to clean.